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Project Description

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is converting all exit numbers on freeways to a milepost-based numbering system, per Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requirement. Currently, interstates and freeways in Massachusetts utilize a sequential exit numbering method. MassDOT has committed to the implementation of mile-based with construction scheduled to begin late in the Summer of 2020.


Tap to activate the map, then zoom in or out and click a dot on the map to see the new exit numbers. New exit signage will include “Old Exit” signs for a minimum of two years to help the public get acquainted with the new system. Old and new exits by the corridor can be found in the links below.  Exit numbers for Route 213, I-291, I-391, and the Lowell Connector will not be changing.

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Frequently Asked Questions



What are the benefits to a milepost-based exit numbering system?

This new system provides several advantages to the existing sequential numbering system: 

  • Driver friendly navigation
    • Allows drivers to quickly determine distances to destinations
    • Miles traveled can be calculated more easily
  • More accurate emergency response
    • Improves reporting of highway incidents, resulting in better navigation of emergency services
  • National uniformity
    • Same exit numbering scheme as almost all other states
  • Easier to add future exits without renumbering entire corridor

How will the program be paid for?

The project, which is estimated to cost $2.8 million, will be paid for through Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds. HSIP funding carries a 90/10 split, which means that 90% of the project will be funded through federal funds and the remaining 10% will be funded through state highway funds.

Will there be any traffic impacts?

We anticipate only minimal impacts to traffic during construction. The public will be notified in advance of construction start and MassDOT will use electronic changeable message signs to alert motorists along the route of the pending changes.


MassDOT will update all recreational and cultural interest signage to reflect the new exit numbering system.

What is MassDOT doing to notify the public of this conversion?

MassDOT is conducting an extensive public outreach campaign to notify the public of the new numbering system. Outreach includes in-person and online communication strategies that will give the public ample opportunity to learn about the project and ask questions prior to construction.

Which highways will get new exit numbers?

The requirement to use milepost-based exit numbers applies to all highways with exits, such as Interstates and other freeways. In Massachusetts, all of these highways are owned by MassDOT.

What will the new exit signs look like?

Exit signage panels  will remain the same, just the numbers themselves will change. “Old Exit #” signs, which will have a yellow background with black lettering, will be installed at  key locations for a minimum of 2 years.

When will new signs be installed and how will I know when construction on my route is beginning?

Conversion of exit numbers is anticipated to begin in the late Summer of 2020. The calendar on this site will remain up-to-date during construction with dates and times of signage installation. Use the Comment Form to sign-up for regular project updates.


Businesses that reference existing exit numbers in their advertising or marketing materials (i.e. flyers, brochures, signs, tec.) will need to revise these materials.  “Old Exit #” signs will be installed under this program and will remain in place for a minimum of 2 years, giving businesses time to adjust to the new exit numbers and during this transition period.

How can I submit my questions?

Use the below link to submit questions and sign up for the project’s mailing list. 
Comment Form


To ask a question or sign-up for project updates, click comment form.

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